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Brew City FA: Fantasy soccer, primarily for Major League Soccer (MLS) -- including the Mug'O'Suds, Paper Cup, FA Cup, League Cup, promotion, relegation and other Major Fantasy League Soccer (MFLS) competitions. Includes "Turd of the Week" (rants & humor), "The Day Tab Ramos Signed" (an "American Pie" parody) and other miscellany.
B-17: Queen of the Skies: "B-17: Queen of the Skies" (B17QotS) is an out-of-print Avalon Hill board game that simulates the World War II Allied strategic bombing campaign over Germany, in the form of a solitary B-17F "Flying Fortress". If you have seen "Memphis Belle" or "Twelve O'Clock High", you get the idea. Includes the Avro Lancaster, B-24 "Flying Boxcar", other variants, and the Emulator Project, wherein I am converting the board game to a Visual Basic application. I am thinking about doing v2.0 in a cross-platform web-based technology. Probably PHP.
Boogie 'til You Bounce: My life and adventures in the U.S. Army, National Guard and Reserve -- from basic training at Fort Gordon, to Airborne School at Fort Benning, to Fort Bragg, to "Urgent Fury" in Grenada, to Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort in Kuwait and Iraq during the first Gulf War, to Joint Endeavor in Bosnia, and beyond.
The Final Word on Fuck: Fuck. Fucker. Fuck off. Fuck you. And many other variants. A comprehensive etymology that will settle all arguments on its origins. (No, it does not mean "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" or "Fornication Under Consent of King".)
A Grandfather's Story: A short sword & sorcery tale, featuring dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, thieves and all the other usual fantasy fiction suspects, but with a sense of humor. Really, though, it is about what is important in life.
Ephemeral Souls & Tales of the Hound: A collection of my poetry. My personal favorites are "Help", "Temporary Lover", "Trip Ticket", "C", "Shattered Orchard" and "Epitaph". Some of them were actually published, despite -- in finest Celtic tradition -- being written while I was insanely drunk. Or depressed. Or both.
Resume: I'm happily employed -- finally -- but still feel free to gaze in awe at my wonderful professional achievements: 10+ years experience using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, RSS, PHPTAL, HTML, XHTML, SQLServer, ASP, VBScript, Visual Basic, ADO, Oracle PL/SQL and other tools to develop web-enabled database applications for internal and external clients, large and small. My strengths are analysis, design, documentation and coordination.

Web Sites I've Worked On

Arrive Magazine: The Magazine for Northeast Business Travellers. Includes media kit, trip planner, photo contest, issue archives and more.
Phoenix CSC: Phoenix CSC is a supporters club for Celtic FC, of Glasgow, Scotland. But ye already knew that, if ye are a Tim.
Autocon Motorsports: Autocon Motorsports is a top American Le Mans Series team. Autocon campaigns an AER-powered Lola EX257, driven by Mike Lewis, Bryan Willman and Chris McMurry, in the LMP1 class. Jeff Bucknum, Indy Racing League (IRL) driver, is the son of sports car legend Ronnie Bucknum, and a former ALMS champion.
McMurry: McMurry is a full-service marketing firm, at which I am the web developer. Our mission is doing business for profit. First yours. Then ours. We do this by creating marketing communications appreciated by audiences everywhere and providing selfless service always. 'Yes we can. Yes we will' is both an internal motto and a client guarantee.
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